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Geographical Location of the District of La Fortuna

It is located 253 meters above sea level. To the north, it borders the District of Venado (belonging to the Canton of San Carlos), to the west borders the Canton of Tilaran and the District of Tronadora (belonging to the province of Guanacaste), to the south, borders the District of Penas Blancas (Canton of San Ramon) and to the east borders Florence and Cutris (belonging to the Canton of San Carlos).

Historical Review

The first family settlement in La Fortuna was in the years 1914 and 1915 in the area known today as La Palma. Until 1948 it was known as "El Burio", however all the natural riches inspired Mr. Rufino Quesada, Mr. Antonio Hidalgo and Mrs. Isolina Quesada to change the name to "La Fortuna". Finally in 1950 the inhabitants voluntarily decide to make a plebiscite and annexed to the Canton of San Carlos (previously belonged to the Canton of San Ramon). It recognizes Mr. Elias Kooper Cubero, Mr. Rufino Quesada, Mr. Isolina Quesada, Mr. Alberto Quesada and Antonio Hidalgo, as the founders in the 30´s.

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Climate Issues

The annual precipitation is 3,385 mm and the temperature ranges between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius.


The main river is the Arenal which is a source of water supply for the Arenal Hydroelectric Project, which generates 70% of the energy for the country and also provides water to Arenal Tempisque Project, which administers SENARA (National Irrigation and Drainage) plus the Fortuna River, Burio River and La Palma River. There are also lots of creeks that stand between Havana and “Tiburones".


It is one of the most productive districts of the Canton of San Carlos, due to the richness of its soil.

The people of this District, have dedicated normally, the agricultural and livestock work; producing beef and milk, also dual purpose; and agricultural products such as roots and tubers (cassava, cocoyam, ñampí, yam, Chinese potato, ginger) and banana and papaya.

La Fortuna Today

The district currently receives around 3,000 tourists daily in high season.

Without any doubt, the beauty of its scenery has made it one of the most visited sites in the country, for the variety of places and attractions ranging from suspension bridges to the views of the volcano, rivers and mountains, surrounding the district.