Volcano Lodge Fortuna Costa Rica - Arenal Volcano



Giving our customers the opportunity to live an experience in harmony with nature, in an area of forest conversion process; be a source of work and chaining to the community, under optimum customer service.


Achieving excellence in service exceeding the expectations of our customers with a highly diversified product and sustainable management, driven by the formation and integration of the members of the organization.


Volcano Lodge & Springs is dedicated to the principals of honesty, social values, transparency, dedication, and responsibility, which are fundamental in every service we offer. In regards to environmental conscientious and responsibility, Volcano Lodge & Springs’ objective is to diminish the impact of our operation ion the environment and we are dedicated to increase our efforts to conserve and to contribute with better environmental and social indicators of the region, so that this is transmitted throughout the region and the world.


To know the difference between what is not yours and what can be used in the work place, as well as respect for coworkers, with fair treatment and teamwork.


Implies being identified with your position, accepting the responsibility of your duties, being uniformed, and maximizing the resources for your work to avoid waste. (Time, materials, etc.)


To find ways to work in harmony with the environment, practicing recycling, energy saving, and avoiding contamination.


To be professional in your position in the company, comply with the high standards established, without being off guard in any occasion. Ser profesional en el puesto que se desempeña, cumplir al máximo con los estándares establecidos sin bajar la guardia nunca. Success, professionalism, empathy, inconformity, exceeding the expectations, and never settling for mediocrity.

Promotion of and Respect for Human Talent

As a base point in the elaboration of our restructuring, to be more in tune with the current situation, Volcano Lodge & Springs has the policy to look to meet the needs of our human capital in a timely fashion. At the same time, the company has as an objective to strengthen the social and environmental responsibility among the employees at every level, stimulating the knowledge of human resources in technical and environmental matters.

Active Involvement: Volcano Lodge & Springs is dedicated to promote the full and active participation of our staff, giving room to creativity, healthy discussion, and commitment both as a group and individually. To achieve this, our management will work to strengthen these values together with department leaders and all employees, every time it is deemed necessary.

Environmental Leaders: All members of the company will receive the information necessary to make a commitment to respect all policies and actions which involve the environment.

Selection and Induction of Personnel: Volcano Lodge & Springs is committed to include in the induction of new employees criteria in relation to adequate conservation, allowing us to have only people who contribute to the development of a society more conscientious of the environmental needs.

Social and Environmental Conscience: Members of our personnel who need further development, will have the opportunity to learn, in order to strengthen their contact with and knowledge of nature and the protected areas of the Northern Zone, and to consider the effects of irresponsible development, both within and outside of the realms of tourism.

Operation Policies

At Volcano Lodge & Springs, our commitment to environmental issues is maintained through our advertising and the services we promote, reflecting an added value to the work of the company.

Efficient Programs: Volcano Lodge & Springs will promote programs that save resources and time, as a means to achieve its goal of lowering its impact on the environment, and optimizing the quality of the experience of our guests in our installations.

Environmental Leadership: The information distributed by Volcano Lodge & Springs must be true, constantly updated, avoid causing false expectations, in response to the standards of quality service, and use a more effective means of distribution with less contaminants; primarily electronic advertising.

Community Participation: Volcano Lodge & Springs will promote in every possible way the inclusion of the community and the services it offers.

Social Operations Strategy

AIn accordance with this new environmental procedure, Volcano Lodge & Springs motivates its providers to join in the knowledge of our policies, which makes the company able to increase its range of influence- reaching other organizations while being more incisive in its personal commitment to sustainable tourism.

Formation of Conscientious: Volcano Lodge & Springs will constantly inform its providers and associates of our commitment to sustainability, implicit in its practices of Environmental Management, which motives our providers to look at their own environmental policies, and cause staff to be involved in a proactive way to achieve a positive social and economic impact.

Selection of Providers: Volcano Lodge & Springs will give priority to providers which combine excellence in quality of service and a pro-environment system, and certified companies with concrete social and environmental actions, or those that show a special explicit interest in achieving these objectives.

Quality Service

In response to the quality criteria, and the new market trends, Volcano Lodge & Springs is committed to excellence and to look to strengthen customer service, in our installations as well as in the labor of teaching our objectives and goals in social and environmental areas.

Contact with our Clients: Volcano Lodge & Springs has the order to maintain communication with its clients so that they are informed of activities of the company which are geared towards the reduction of its environmental impact, encourage their participation.

Quality Thoughts: Volcano Lodge & Springs is committed to select products of higher quality, to design programs in line with the expectations of our clients, to provide effective and efficient service, and to encourage the fulfillment of our environmental policies at all times.

Quality Supervision: Volcano Lodge & Springs welcomes feedback from its clients, as a means of obtaining, interpreting, and directing information which permits us to continuously offer a quality service.

Selection and Induction of Personnel: The selection of our staff with take place through standardized processes, together with programs of induction and personal development, which guarantee the quality service offered by Volcano Lodge & Springs. The standards of quality are applied from the first moment our clients or providers come in contact with Volcano Lodge & Springs, until the completion of those services, and including the continued follow up communication.

Our Perspective on Environmental Impact:

Volcano Lodge & Springs carefully observes the environmental impact generated by its operations at this point in time and the projection of its future impact, and is taking the appropriate steps to reduce the usage of natural resources and thereby diminish the negative impact caused both b your operations and the people that work for us or visit us.

Waste Management: The buying department of Volcano Lodge & Springs will do everything in their power to locate and purchase products which are biodegradable, returnable, reusable, recycled, or recyclable; in an effort to reduce the quantity of waster produced by each of the areas of the hotel.

Proper Energy Usage: in our installations, Volcano Lodge & Springs is dedicated to the reduction of electricity consumption and to the incorporation of all available technology to limit and avoid unnecessary consumption.

Water Consumption and Management: Volcano Lodge & Springs will encourage the economizing of water and will invest in water saving technologies where possible.

Transportation: Volcano Lodge & Springs will supervise the emissions of each of its vehicles, and seeks to use vehicles of electric or hybrid technology for internal transportation.

Protection of National Heritage: Volcano Lodge & Springs is resolved to the reduction of the impact caused by its guests in areas of wildlife or others, preventing the impact on plant and animal species (flora and fauna) and respecting the delicate nature of these ecosystems, in addition to protecting the values and culture of the Northern Zone of our country. Volcano Lodge & Springs also supports the initiatives of conservation and development of the region. For these reasons, we are committed to inform our guests so that they may do their part to support these causes.

Our Perspective on Social Impact:

Taking in consideration that the security and well being of our guests and our employees are fundamental parts of the company’s policies, Volcano Lodge & Springs will avoid generating high risk situations and all activities which could cause an undesirable impact on the cultural or socioeconomic components of all areas visited.

Security: Volcano Lodge & Springs is dedicated to establish strategies to periodically evaluate and revise the level of risk in its installations, as well as carefully watch the progress of fulfillment by tour operators, to be able to guarantee the maximum possible safety of its guests and staff members.

Social Impact: The activities, informative material, donations, and attractions of Volcano Lodge & Springs will respect the cultural integrity, the privacy, the belief system, and the values of our community and the Northern Zone, with thee minimum possible impact and this information will be transmitted to all guests and participants.