Volcano Lodge Spa | Costa Rica La Fortuna Hotel, Arenal Volcano Special Massage

Volcano Spa

Pamper Your Body and Mind

Leave your body on our hands. Rhythmic massage and relaxing touch of an expert. With a selection of oils and aroma therapy, our massage treatment will restore to you the balance of mind and body.

Wraps and scrubs, for skin that radiates health and smooth. Carefully balanced to clean and replenish deeply. Our body treatments lift the veil of inertia and drying, to restore smoothness and skin hydrated.


Facials: A high experience with remarkable results. Exfoliates and nourishes for a clear and well-hydrated skin. A facial is the second most popular spa treatment after massage, called a deep cleansing facial or deep pore cleansing facial, due to the extraction of impurities.

Our recommendation, Volcano Special Massage. A truly exotic experience, combining different techniques, therapeutic, Swedish massage, reflexology, among others. An unforgettable spiritual journey in just an hour and fifteen minutes.

Spa Special Packages

Volcano Deluxe 2 hrs $199
VOLCANO TOTAL 2 hrs $185
Natural Balance 90m $150
Face & Body Relax 90m $150
Arenal Massage 75m $110
Natural Harmony 90m $150


Special Volcano Massage 75m $90
Massage with Chocolate
75m $99
Musssage: Massage with Mud 75m $99
Four Hands Massage 60m $140
Forest massage 60m $130
Reflexology 30m $50
Therapeutic Massage 30m $60 60m $80
Deep Massage 30m $70 60m $90
Back Neck & Shoulder Massage 30m $60 60m $80
Couple's Massage 30m $130 60m $170
Swedish Massage 30m $60 60m $80

Body Wraps

Papaya 60m $85
Chocolate 60m $85
Mud 60m $85
Add the “Thermal Bath Ritual” to any of our corporal therapies by adding just $20 and enjoy a complete relaxing experience. (subject to availability of the Thermal/corporal room)

Body Scrubs (Exfoliation)

Natural Herbs with Aloe Vera 60m $85
Coffee & Orange 60m $85
Papaya & Brown Sugar 60m $85
Chocolate with Brown sugar 60m $85

Face Treatments

Volcano Facial 45m $70
Mini Facial with Mud Mask 30m $50
Mud Mask 25m $35