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To give our guests the opportunity to relax and share in the harmony of nature, enjoying our installations and the activities we offer, to be an important source of employment in our community, and to be an example to be followed with regards to sustainable tourism.


Volcano Lodge oTo achieve our goal of being a sustainable company, in the category of mountain hotels in the Arenal region.




Touristic companies, such as hotels, which are respectful of the natural, social, and cultural environment as well as the values of the community, thereby allowing for a positive exchange of experiences between residents and visitors; where the relationship between the tourist and the community is fair and the benefits of the activity are shared in an equal form; and where the visitors have a real participative attitude in their vacation experience.

Guide to being a Responsible Tourist:

Trips and tourism should be perceived as a means of personal and cultural development. If you travel with an open mind, they can be an irreplaceable factor in self-education, mutual tolerance, and en opportunity to discover the legitimate differences between peoples, cultures, and their diverse ways of life.

We all have a role to play in the generalization of responsible travel and tourism. Government, companies, and communities should without a doubt do their part, but you, as the visitor should also sensibly support this objective in several ways:

  • Be open to cultures and traditions which are different from your own: your experience will transform you, you will gain the respect of the local population, and you will feel more at home. Be tolerant and respect the diversity; observe the traditions as well as social and cultural practices of the region you are visiting.
  • Respect human rights. Any form exploitation infringes on the fundamental objectives of tourism. Sexual exploitation of minors is a crime punishable with jail time, both in the place the crime is committed and in the country of residence of the offender.
  • Help conserve the natural environment. Protect the flora and fauna, the wildlife, and their habitats, and do not purchase products made in whole or in part from plant or animal species in danger of extinction.
  • Respect the cultural resources. All tours and tourism activities should be carried out with a respect for the artistic, archeological, and cultural heritage of the area.
  • Your trip can contribute to the social and economic development. Purchase souvenirs and products made locally to support the areas economy, and maintain principals of fair business. If you bargain, keep in mind a fair wage.
  • Before beginning your trip, get informed about the effective sanitary situation in the region you will be visiting, the access to emergency and consulate services, and be sure that you will not be placing your health or personal safety in danger. Be sure that all of your specific needs can be met (dietary, medical, legal) before deciding to visit a determined place.
  • Gather all of the possible information about your destination and take time to understand customs, norms, and traditions. Avoid behaviors which could offend the local population.
  • Be informed of current legislation to avoid committing any act that may be considered a crime en the country you are visiting. Do not traffic drugs, weapons, antiques, protected species, nor dangerous products or substances or those prohibited by national laws.

The Rainforest Alliance uses the power of markets to arrest the major drivers of deforestation and environmental destruction: timber extraction, agricultural expansion, cattle ranching and tourism. The Rainforest Alliance works to ensure millions of acres of working forests, farms, ranchlands and hotel properties are managed according to rigorous sustainability standar

And by linking those businesses to conscientious consumers, who identify their goods and services through the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal and Rainforest Alliance Verified™ mark, we demonstrate that sustainable practices can help businesses thrive in the modern economy.

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