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Thanks to Volcano Lodge’s spectacular location, and since every room is built to make the most of the landscape, you and your family will have a unique view of the Arenal volcano at all times. During the day, you’ll actually see the stones rolling down the sides of the volcano, while most nights present vividly colorful eruptions, well worth photographing.

Arenal Volcano Area Map La Fortuna Regional Map La Fortuna Regional Map
Amazing view to Arenal Volcano
west view to the Arenal Volcano

The tourists visiting The Arenal Volcano National Park Tourists visiting the Arenal Volcano National Park will have stories to tell and numerous photographs to show for it: the weather is perfect for volcano viewing most of the year.
The Arenal has been active almost every day since 1968, but major events are rare. Because the nearby dam on the Arenal Lake is a major source of electricity, and since the volcano itself is such a unique object of interest for tourists and scientists, the area is very closely monitored by a sophisticated seismological network.
Scientists do not consider the frequent avalanches as eruptions, and volcanic activity remains moderate, with an average of 41 eruptions a day, as recorded in June 2003 by OVSICORI. The avalanches are not considered as eruptions by scientists and the volcanic activity remains moderate with an average of 41 eruptions a day as recorded in June 2003 by the OVSICORI.


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