Our Story

The history of Volcano Lodge, Hotel & Thermal Experience

In the late eighties, the area of La Fortuna, San Carlos began to grow as a major tourist destination, allowing for numerous tour services companies. Among these early entrepreneurs Miranda Castro brothers, who, years later, in May 1999, inaugurated the Hotel Volcano Lodge, with a total of 20 rooms.

Such was the success of the small hotel that Castro family eventually left behind the operation of tours to devote themself entirely to the Volcano Lodge, doubling by 2003 the number of rooms.

The Volcano Lodge continued to grow, reaching 70 rooms in 2005 and adding a restaurant, a swimming pool, and Jacuzzi to its facilities, but also building an environment that reflects the beauty of the Arenal Volcano, and the nature of the Northern Zone, inspiring amazing grounds and gardens. Thus, in 2008, the name of the hotel was changed to Volcano Lodge Gardens.

In 2013, after years of work and effort the hotel integrated the Hot Springs. A new era was born, where the Hot Springs would be the beginning of a new accommodation experience: an experience called Volcano Lodge & Springs.

Since 2018, Volcano Lodge evolves to Volcano Lodge, Hotel & Thermal Experience.

We continue being the property that was born in 1999 to offer our partners and guests the best service: a service that becomes a life experience, in their holidays in La Fortuna de San Carlos.

We want those who visit us, not only enjoy a pleasant stay, but our heat, is an unforgettable memory of relaxation in our thermomineral waters, with quality service at the height of the best properties.


Giving our customers the opportunity to live an experience in harmony with nature, in an area of forest conservation process; be a source of work and chaining to the community, under optimum customer service.



Achieving excellence in service exceeding the expectations of our customers with a highly diversified product and sustainable management, driven by the formation and integration of the members of the organization.